Inspired by the 1967 collaborative undertaking, Far From Vietnam (Loin Du Vietnam), that united a variety of filmmakers, cameramen, editors and technicians “to knit together imagery of the war, interviews, intellectual styles, fictional incursions and documentary footage in a bid to counter and interpret the intensive media coverage and propaganda manipulated by the American government”, Far From Afghanistan strives to contribute to the international effort to redirect US policy away from military and political intervention toward true humanitarian and developmental care-giving (if and when requested). Bringing together some of the boldest and most politically-progressive U.S. filmmakers to speak from within the war machine, alongside contributions from native filmmakers throughout Afghanistan, Far From Afghanistan will examine through a mosaic of approaches – issues of shared responsibility, history and memory – all in a concerted effort to help accelerate political resistance to the war.

The 10-year anniversary of the start of the war –  October 6, 2011 – underlines the urgency of our goals, and elevates the opportunity to rally for change. In service of this moment, we presented  Far From Afghanistan: The October Edition - an online  streaming event that took place for one week only beginning October 6, 2011. This unique edition featured works-in-progress from our dedicated team of filmmakers who have been working tirelessly to realize their contributions to the final film, to be completed in 2012. We extend sincere thanks to all who watched, shared, and discussed The October Edition on our site, and also on

Far From Afghanistan seeks to generate vital dialogue around the war and the broader ways that US foreign policy impacts people here and across the globe. In so doing this, we hope to foster partnerships and collaborations with individuals, groups, and organizations at home and abroad. Most centrally, the project plans to connect with and provide assistance to humanitarian organizations with aligned missions, both in Afghanistan and domestically. Please help us in spreading the word and don’t hesitate to reach out.

Filmmakers and Segment Titles

John GianvitoMy Heart Swims in BloodMinda MartinLong Distance OperatorJon JostEmpire’s CrossTravis WilkersonFragments of DissolutionSoon-Mi YooAfghanistan: The Next Generation; with a special prologue to The October Edition by Rob Todd and Pacho Velez10 Years and Counting.