My Heart Swims in Blood

While Afghanistan burns, America fiddles…John Gianvito’s film is a mosaical journey through a dark night of the soul.

As fog descends upon the landscape, a man attempts to lull himself to sleep. Across the nation, Americans embrace their pleasures. 7000 miles away U.S. and coalition forces leave behind a trail of death, destruction, and profound resentment among many of the people of Afghanistan. Business as usual. A tirade and indictment against a decade of slaughter and occupation, and the “fruits” of American exceptionalism. With André Gregory.


John Gianvito is a director, teacher, and curator based in Boston. Gianvito’s 2001 feature “The Mad Songs of Fernanda Hussein”, a three-hour dramatic exploration of the United States during the period of the first Persian Gulf War received the Jury Prize at the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema, the first “Rosa Luxemburg Prize” and Best Independent Film at the New England Film/Video Festival. His 2007 film “Profit motive and the whispering wind” received considerable acclaim, earning 8 awards including “Best Experimental Film of the Year” by the National Society of Film Critics, and was cited on various Top Ten lists including in Sight & Sound, Film Comment, Cahiers du Cinema, and Cinema Scope. Gianvito’s latest documentary, Vapor Trail (Clark), a four and a half hour exploration of the impact of the U.S. military presence in the Philippines, past and present, had its premiere at the 2010 Rotterdam International Film Festival and was cited as one of the Top Ten Films of the year by critics in both Film Comment and Sight & Sound.


Full Credits

Direction: John Gianvito

Produced by: Nick Manley

Featured Performer:  André Gregory (restless sleeper)


Qiamuddin Amiry

Sarah Hickler

Maryam Shansab

Photographed by:

Harlan Bosmajian

Shaun Clarke

John Gianvito

Eric P. Gulliver

Matthew Hashiguchi

Gordon Hendrick

Nick Manley

Hunter Steinman

Rob Todd

Andrew Wheeler

Edited by: John Gianvito, Eric P. Gulliver

Sound Editing: Austin Plocher

Voice-over Studio Recording: Pierre Huberson

Sound Mix:  Christina Hunt

Colorist:  Owen Williams


Music:  Cantata 199, “My Heart Swims in Blood”  by Johann Sebastian Bach,  Lorraine Hunt Lieberson and the Orchestra of Emmanuel Church, Nonesuch Records

Special Thanks to:

Margarett Jones, Executive Director of the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center for granting the photographing of the blind owls Tommy and Pippin.

And to André Gregory for his gracious participation.

Additional Thanks to:

Cindy Kleine

Emerson College

Michael Sheridan

Paul Turano

Michael Fallon

Joshua T. Jackson

Maureen Tripp

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